Posted 2nd of November, 2022

Security Bullshit - Series 2, Episode 2

Security Bullshit - Series 2, Episode 2
NFVs - Non Functioning Vulnerabilities

If you can't poke fun at the industry you love then ....

It seems everyone is obsessed with vulnerabilities these days. Finding them, selling them, waiting for them, patching name it, it is part of the job. 

When the cartoon characters at DaVinci security, introduced in Episode 1, realise they have to actually build a product they create an entirely new class of security product called NFV's or Non Functioning Vulnerabilities. Its genius. Find out what type of vulnerabilities people will buy, get enough basic information to seem credible, submit it to the CVE system and when you have a number issues just sign it and sell it. Boom, the cash will come rolling it. Vulns and crypto, whats not to like. 


If you are wondering why it's series 2 because I used to do these over a decade ago. The original cartoons are all archived here