Posted 7th of October, 2022

Security Bullshit - Series 2, Episode 1

Security Bullshit - Series 2, Episode 1
The Birth of a New Security Startup

If you can't poke fun at the industry you love then ....

Meet Cereal Cruncher, Alkaline Burn, Zero Hot, Phantom Menance and Lord Sony. They are nothing like the characters from the movie Hackers, "honest guvnor". When they suddenly time travel from 1995, the only thing to do is to launch a security startup. Follow their story as they navigate the industry and Silicon Valley.

A brand new episode published each month, from the original artist who did the first series over a decade ago. Enjoy. 

Security Bullshit 01


If you are wondering why it's series 2 because I used to do these over a decade ago. The original cartoons are all archived here