Posted 18th of October, 2022

Caleb Fenton - Crypto Currencies & Smart Contracts

Caleb Fenton - Crypto Currencies & Smart Contracts

If, like me, you have raised your eyebrows at the crypto currency and blockchain frenzy you may not understand the security implications of the blockchain and particularly the security implications of smart contracts that live on a ledger. 

Caleb Fenton and I worked together at SourceClear and he is one of the best security researchers I know. In this episode we talk about why cryptocurrencies will change the world and why he believes Bitcoin is the crypto currency to watch. We talk about the security of the crypto currency ecosystem including exchanges and wallets and he explains why he believes that there are real career opportunities for application security people to focus on the security of the crypto currency ecosystem and the security of smart contracts. He also jokes (not really) about the venture investment that is being poured into the industry and how it is likely to result in some bumps in the road ahead but how distributed finance will ultimately change the world forever. 

I came away from this interview thinking that the security of the blockchain space is probably similar to application security twenty years ago, that it's critical to understand and it will affect us all whether we like it or not.  

Caleb failed miserably on the fun European geography questions at the end.

If you are interested in the crypto currency space and have experience leading product development, I have a friend who is recruiting for a head of product role at a very successful blockchain company in Sweden. Please get in touch and I will connect you.